This pub was on Town End opposite the Swan and was open between 1793 and 1909 (or 1922?).

Before the practice was stopped Bull Baiting would take place close to this pub, the bloodsport ended in Cheadle after a Bull escaped and ran almost to Checkley before it was re-captured. It is unclear whether this event occurred before the law banning it was passed in 1835 or whether it was stopped in the town before this.


Despite improvements made to the property the previous year, the Jug and Glass' license was not renewed in 1909. It's believed around then, it was turned into a private residence by it’s owners 'C. Bunting Ltd', who received £718 in compensation from the licensing committee.

One source has it’s closing year at 1922, so perhaps it was turned back into a pub at a later date until it’s final closure.

The building along with the entire row of terraced housing was demolished in August 1982 and new houses are now on the site.

Past Proprietors:

John Barnes (Parson and Bradshaw – Staffordshire Directory 1818, White’s Directory of Staffordshire 1834, Pigot’s Directory of Staffordshire 1842 and White’s Directory of Staffordshire 1851)
Ann Salt (1885 Cheadle Herald)
Rupert Alcock (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1900 and c.1910 Information) [Last Licensee in 1922]

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