The pub was at the bottom of Charles Street and is now a house.

Named after the charitable Oddfellow Society that had a number of members in the town since the lodge was formed in 1839.


Census information shows that the landlords of this pub also operated as coal merchants.

In 1877 an advertisement in the Cheadle Herald stated that first class Brawn (jellied pigs head) was kept at

William Eaton’s Oddfellow Arms.

An auction plan from 1905, marks the location of the Oddfellow Arms and indicates it was owned by Peter Walker and Son Ltd.

The pub closed in 1907, after it’s license failed to be renewed.

Later owners of the property were coal merchants, just as some licensees had been.

Past Proprietors:

William Eaton (Cheadle Herald 1877)
George Day (Cheadle Herald 1886, 1887) [until July 1890]
Loton Titterton [from July 1890] (Cheadle Herald 1890, 1891)
Samuel Whitehurst (1901 Census)
Thomas Harris (Staffordshire Sentinel 1907) [presumably the last landlord in 1907]

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