High Street -  East
High Street - East

Market Tavern
Market Tavern

Market Tavern 2010
Market Tavern 2010

High Street -  East
High Street - East


This beer-house was at the back of the Market Square at the far left. The building had several uses before it got a beer-house license, including the town’s Police Office.

Traditionally a ‘tavern’ was not the same as an ‘inn’, as they would specialise in the sale of wine.

John Lovatt was in residence by 1861 and he appears to be the first publican, previously he had been a boot maker.

The shop buildings were put up for sale in 1868, on the instruction of the Mackenzie family, who also owned the Market Square and Lulworth House.

On March 25th 1870 the Cheadle Market-Place Tolls were sold in an auction by Mr H. Walters here.

In 1877 George Brassington advertised the premises for rent, described as a beerhouse the rent was £14 per annum.

The indoor Market Hall was created around 1900, as a result the pub could no longer be seen from the street. In order to direct people to the back of the Market Square, a sign was painted on the side of the indoor market - parts of this can still be seen.

Once the premises couldn't be seen from the street,  it was then targeted by the police fearing it had become a hot-spot for gambling and drunkeness, perhaps leading to it’s closure.

In the September of 1901 the Cheadle Homing Society held a meeting at the pub at which 20 members attended.

The Market Tavern closed in 1907 when it's licence was revoked, after which Louisa Bradbury (the building owner) and J. Joule and Sons received £500 compensation.

The building was then converted into a house, decades later it was converted back into a shop unit. In more recent years it has been used as an office, but was advertised to let as a shop during 2019.

Past Proprietors:

John Lovatt [1861-1872] (1861 Census, Victorian Cheadle 1841-1881)
George Brassington (1876 – Victorian Cheadle 1841-1881)
Issac Wright [from 1880] (Victorian Cheadle and 1887 Cheadle Herald) [until April 1888]
John Mellor [from April 1888] (1888 Cheadle Herald)
Joseph Mellor [until Oct 1890] (1890 Cheadle Herald) – possibly as above!
Joseph Salt [from Oct 1890] (1890 Cheadle Herald and 1891 Census)
Mary Emery (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1896)
Henry Wallander (1901 Census)
Eli Shaw (Cheadle Herald 1901)
Charles Patterson (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1904)
Jane Parker (Staffordshire Sentinel 1907)