Rising Sun 1910
Rising Sun 1910

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Rising Sun - 1970s
Rising Sun - 1970s

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Former Rising Sun Building
Former Rising Sun Building

Pictured January 2020

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Rising Sun 1910
Rising Sun 1910

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The earliest reference to this pub, is in the Parson and Bradshaw – Staffordshire Directory of 1818.

On January 8th 1840 the Oddfellow Society formed a lodge at this pub.

By 1907 the pub was owned by Charles Bunting and Company Ltd, when the pub’s license was up for review that year, a condition of it’s renewal was that the large gates were removed from the yard entrance, making it easier for the police to patrol the area. A review of it’s trade was also published, over the previous 3 years it had sold an average of 102 barrels of beer a year and 169 gallons of spirits.


In 1909, it was reported that over the two previous years; the owners had spent £400 on improvements.

During the Great War the opening times of public places serving alcohol were heavily restricted. In 1915 Ernest Johnson was charged with keeping the Rising Sun open after 9pm on a Sunday, where customers were drinking cider. It appears that since cider had been sold by a Mineral Water company, some licensees were unsure whether it was classed as alcohol – or at least that’s what was claimed in court!


On January 10th 1962 Cheadle’s Grand Order of Ancient Buffaloes held a dinner at the Rising Sun, entertainment was provided by Austin Jones and his Party.


The Cheadle OAP Committee held a dinner event here for 36 members in early February 1966.

In November 1966 the Cheadle Homing Society held an awards evening, the society would meet here until it’s

closure on a regular basis.


The toilets in the pub were refurbished in October 1973, they weren’t long open when two young customers damaged them by hitting them with bicycle chains. The two youths had recently read a book about gangs using chains as weapons, which gave them the idea. The owners of the pub; Allied Brewries UK Ltd paid £144 to have them repaired.

The pub closed in December 1984.

After the pub closed the building was converted houses, since then the Millennium Dentists who operated from the retail unit next to the houses expanded and have joined part of the building back together, leaving one part of the building still a house.

Arthur Moult who was the pub's last landlord in 1984, passed away in December 2019 aged 102.

Past Proprietors:

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