The Huntsman
The Huntsman

Pictured in 2011

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The New Inn
The New Inn

Unknown Year Picture courtsey of Cheadle and District Historical Society

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The Huntsman
The Huntsman

Unknown Year Picture courtsey of Cheadle and District Historical Society

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The Huntsman opened in Cheadle as a beer-house known as ‘The New Inn’ and featured as such in a trade directory from 1834.  Sometime after 1893 it was granted a license to become a public house, it became The Hunstman in the mid-1950s.

Proprietor George Tipper was fined 5 shillings in 1864, for selling beer on a Sunday morning. The nearby Roebuck was caught doing the same.

In 1885 while The New Inn was still a beer-house its owner William Shelley applied for a license to become a public house,  the application was denied following an objection by the landlord of the Roebuck Inn.

On 2nd September 1908 passengers on a train to Cheadle were delayed for a time when three cows belonging to George Paddey the landlord of the New Inn strayed onto the track and were hit by the train, it took around half an hour to clear the track.

The annual Cheadle Dahlia Club show was held here in 1936, F. Plant was the host and the judging was done by Mr. A Tongue.

In early 1959 the pub (then owned by Ind Coopes Brewery) was awarded a full license due to a petition by regular customers of the pub wishing to drink spirits there. The license was transferred to the Huntsman from the ‘Navigation Inn’ (Froghall) which had closed the previous year.

In December 1966 the Brookhouses Homing Society held their annual dinner here.

A licence to install a fruit machine was applied for in October 1968.

Plans submitted by Allied Breweries Ltd for an extension, were passed by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (SMDC) in 1981. Which allowed for new toilets and a kitchen to be installed.

The brewery 'Marston, Thompson and Evershed' owned the pub by 1993. In July that year they had plans for extending the pub rejected by SMDC. During October 1993, permission to convert rooms on the first floor of the pub; into lettable accommodation was granted by SMDC. Later that year some major refurbishment took place, which was completed by November. 

The pub was put up for sale by the brewery 'Marstons' in September 2008. It was brought by brothers Kieran and Conor Devine early the following year, after six weeks of renovation the pub re-opened in April 2009.

The pub was the sponsor of the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Cheadle Beer Festival. Later it began to organise its own beer, cider and gin festivals.

The Potteries branch of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) voted The Huntsman pub of the month in the Summer 2010 issue of their newsletter ‘Potters Bar’.


When Stoke City FC made it to the FA Cup final in May 2011, to celebrate the landlords painted red stripes down the front of the pub.

Through much of September 2011 the pub was forced to shut due to a licensing mistake made by the owners, a series of event licences meant it was able to open for some weekends. The pub nearly stayed shut longer following a complaint made by a local resident, this complaint was withdrawn after a short time and the pub was able to re-open.

During the closure a group of Paranormal Investigators ran some tests, they returned in early October and their follow up investigation was streamed over the internet live.

CAMRA established a Staffordshire Moorlands branch in 2013. Their inaugural meeting took place at The Huntsman on 5th January.

In 2015 planning permission was passed by SMDC for a two storey extension to the pub, which would add ten guest rooms to the property. To date (Jan 2020) this work hasn't yet been carried out.

Past Proprietors:

John Dawson (1841 Census)
Thomas Dawson (1851 Census)
Mary Dawson (Staffordshire Advertiser 1862 and 1863, 1871 Census)
George Tipper (Staffordshire Advertiser 1864)
Lewis Dale (1883 Cheadle Herald)
William Shelley (1885 Cheadle Herald)
George Paddey (1901 Census, 1890 Cheadle Herald, 1911 Census)
Frederick Plant (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1924 and 1940)
Don Johnson [1953-1956] (Cheadle: The Second Selection)
Joseph Johnson (Cheadle Post and Times 1959)


Irene and Peter Gregson [from 1986] (Staffordshire Sentinel 1993, Cheadle Post and Times 1995)

George Byatt [Jan 2004 - Jan 2008] (Cheadle Post and Times 2009)

Dave Wardle (Cheadle Post and Times 2008)

Kieran and Conor Devine [from April 2009] (Cheadle Post and Times 2009)