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Former White Horse Building
Former White Horse Building

Pictured January 2020

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Rakeway Map
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This pub was on the very edge of the town quarter opposite the junction at the bottom of Park Avenue.

A notice of sale from 1801 indicates that the property at that time was owned by John Corden of Uttoxeter Mills and tenanted to William Lakin.

By 1901 the owners of the pub were the Burton Brewery Co.


Thomas Evans was charged in 1901 for holding an illegal lottery at the pub, where ticket holders could win chickens.


In 1909 when Mary Malbon took over the pub; the inventory was valued at £10 13s 3d by the Burton Brewery Co.

The pub was de-licensed on the grounds of redundancy in 1919.


When the pub closed the building was converted in a house, for many years the iron bracket that held the sign remained attached to 113 Mill Road; it was removed in the early 2000s.

Past Proprietors:


William Lakin (Staffordshire Advertiser 1801)
Ralph Alcock (White’s Directory of Staffordshire 1834)
John Alcock (1841 Census and Pigot’s Directory of Staffordshire 1842)
George Lakin (Slater’s Directory 1850)
William Hordern (White’s Directory of Staffordshire 1851)
William Philips (Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Staffordshire 1860 and Post Office Directory 1868)
William Alcock (1871 Census)
John Byrd (Kelly’s Post Office Directory of Staffordshire 1872)
John Cope (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1880)
Eli Mellor (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1884)
Joseph Brunt [from April 1885 until July 1888] (Cheadle Herald 1885, 1886)
Walter Nutt [from July 1888 until Oct 1890] (Cheadle Herald 1888, 1890)
Henry Ainsworth [from Oct 1890 until Sept 1892] (Cheadle Herald 1890)
Samuel William Burton [from Sept 1892] (Cheadle Herald 1892)
William Maskery (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1896)
George Evans (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1900 and 1904)
Andrew Walker (Cheadle Herald 1901)
John Wood [until October 1909]
Mary Ann Malbon [from 12th October 1909] (Kelly’s Directory of Staffordshire 1912)

William T. Salt (Staffordshire Advertiser 1919) [Last licensee in 1919]