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About Friends of the Royal Oak

Friends of the Royal Oak was formed as a community group in early 2020, after some initial opinions from the community were gathered via social media by the group Team Cheadle. A poll Team Cheadle issued on Facebook (August 2019) with 629 votes, indicated that 84% supported the idea of the building becoming something other than apartments.

As there appeared to be a lot of public support, Friends of the Royal Oak was formed with the sole aim of investigating the purchase and renovation of the Royal Oak. In order to save the property from potential dereliction and to transform it into an asset, which will be a focal point for the community and breathe new life into Cheadle’s historic High Street.

Members of the group include local councillors, businessmen and residents with experience of delivering community projects. After considerable discussion and public consultation, the proposal to run the Royal Oak as a charitable or community business enterprise was agreed.

The group’s vision for the building, includes the provision of community space and a bar/cafe on the ground floor, a function room on the second floor and rooms for letting as guest accommodation on the third floor. The proposal also includes maintaining the building’s heritage and restoring its period Grade II listed appearance, especially the frontage and the second-floor assembly room.




Mike Plant (Hon) Chair

Paulette Upton (Hon) Vice Chair

Jamie Evans (Hon) Treasurer

Sue Dawson (Hon) Secretary

Committee Members:

Kevin Upton

Kay Mitchell

Philip Routledge

Dave Edwards


Ivan Wozniak

Helen Anderson

Mark Shaw

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