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Friends of the Royal Oak was awarded a 10% match funded Project Viability Grant of up to £14K from the Architectural Heritage Fund in March 2021. This grant was to pay for training and services, in order to complete a viability report for the building/project. The AHF also assigned an advisor to the project.

The match funding was raised through a grant of £500 from Cheadle Town Council and a successful crowd funding campaign, which raised the remaining £900.

Small sums have also been raised by the group with raffles and collections, to fund display equipment. As part of a sponsorship arrangement, Team Cheadle have also contributed to this fund.

An events fund has also been formed, made up of two community grants from Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (Cllr Gary Bentley) and Staffordshire County Council (Cllr Mark Deaville). Future events will be used for public consultation, raising awareness of the project and general fund raising.

Community Shares will likely be a key source of funding, along with donations and grants. The 2023/4 survey was partly put out to help design a suitable community share offering.


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